Senior Fashion Bloggers are Raving About This Designer Handbag

July 24, 2018

Senior Fashion Bloggers are Raving About This Designer Handbag

In a world where a celebrity wears an outfit and copies of it hit retail chains less than 24 hours later, it’s getting harder to define what’s on trend. So, when we hear of a brand being whispered about in the blogosphere for longer than a hot minute, it’s worth checking out. What’s the current buzz? Bellorita handbags. That name has been popping up over and over again, and many of the bloggers championing the brand are older women.

When older and senior women spot and embrace a trend, take note! These fashionable women have seen trends come and go. They grew up with heavyweight handbag legends like Channel, Dior, and Vuitton. These are also women that have had many years to discover their own personal style, and they value well-made goods that add mileage, class, and timeless elegance to their closet. If a senior woman blogger likes a bag, it’s worth looking into, so let’s take some time to do that today.

What is a Bellorita Handbag?

Bellorita started as the dream of emerging designer Jack Sun, who left a research science job and his hometown to take a chance on launching a designer handbag line in Los Angeles. In 2017, the first Bellorita bags appeared on the market. The look of the bags immediately captivated fashion-forward women – Sun brought Asian/American fusion to the handbag market.

Not only was the look instantly iconic, but the quality of the bags stands out, too. Sun eschews the fast-fashion trend that sees mass-produced goods created quickly in questionable factories, then dumped into the market at rock bottom prices. Instead, he insists that each bag be hand tooled and hand painted by skilled tradespeople, and that only quality and ethically sourced leather and embellishments are used. Up and down the supply chain, everyone that touches a Bellorita bag before it comes to market is treated with the utmost respect and dignity. Sun passionately feels that the ethics behind each bag are as important as the finished product.

What do the Bags Look Like?

The styles of the designer handbags range from satchel to tote to crossbody, and everything in between. The color pallets feature mainly neutrals (black and tan), but some bags have incredible pops of bright, bold color (peacock blue, burnt orange, sunset red). The embellishments are hard tooled, hand placed, and hand painted. Each bag is priced in the affordable luxury market, making them easily accessible for discerning women that desire an ethically and expertly made designer bag. The majority of the bags are also designed to go with several outfit styles, either as the stand-out accessory or as the bit player that completes the look. The value of the bags in this regard cannot be understated.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at these Designer Handbags

Let’s get closer to some of these bags so you can see what we mean about the value.

The calligraphy black satchel contrasts black and cream leather. Elegant calligraphy is hand painted on the side, offset by black stitches on the cream. It’s a bag you pair with your business suit, and it’s equally effective as the bag you take with you on your weekend errands. It goes with everything.

The cloud black satchel proves that you don’t need to compromise between function and fashion. Women’s wear may lack pockets, but this elegant satchel does not. The entire bottom of the bag lifts up to reveal a safe compartment for your breakable treasures (like your smartphone), while soft pockets within the main body of the bag keep everything organized. Best of all, the bag looks like it’s off the runway with it’s pattern of “glorious clouds” that mean “good luck.” Who doesn’t love a little good luck, especially where you keep your wallet?! Cloud black is the ultimate bag for the busy woman on the go who doesn’t like a cluttered purse, but who loves a fashionable handbag.

Not to be outdone is the feather black shoulder bag. Sun carefully designed the strap to hang the bag at mid-body, leaving the hands free and the woman feeling unobstructed. The length of the strap also allows easy one-hand access to the main compartment, and the whole thing is lightweight, making it ideal for the transit commuter who doesn’t want to carry a fanny pack or backpack. The peacock design on this bag is subtle; white, gold, green, black, and orange pop against your outfit of choice, always making the bag look like a new item in your closet, depending on what you pair it with.

The fish small blue satchel hits that “casual elegance” mark perfectly. A light dreamy blue, color-blocked with rich cream and severe black are beautifully juxtaposed, and they frame two frisky, hand painted koi that breathe out pearl bubbles. It’s the bag that is the only one you could ever want to pair with your little black dress, but it’s also the perfect go-to for the boyfriend jean and casual button down. It’s one of the most unique bags to hit the market in a very long time.

The PiXiu cross body clutch should only be carried by those that like being in the spotlight. It’s impossible to take your eyes off the deep, rich red; the perfectly symmetrical hand tooled rivets that evoke the Beijing Gates; and the standout feature – hand painted beasts clutching a ring of gold hardware in their teeth. This one is a knockout. You’ve never seen anything like it.

That’s why Senior Bloggers are Raving About these Bags!

Once you dig in and learn more about the brand and see the bags, it’s easy to see why classy women with life and style experience have readily embraced Bellorita, right alongside their younger peers who are eager to distinguish themselves in the world of fashion. It’s nice to see such a refreshing, independent designer in the handbag market, providing products that women from all walks of life can carry.



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