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Clutch Bags - Carry on With Style

April 07, 2018

Clutch Bags - Carry on With Style - Bellorita

It’s important to look stylish, but you also need items that are practical. Have you seen the pockets on women’s clothing lately? You can hardly fit your car keys in those, let alone your lipstick, your cell phone, your wallet—you can barely fit a couple of movie tickets or a 20-dollar bill in your pocket without having to worry about them falling out. Skinny jeans with minimal (if not stitched shut) pockets are the trend, though. As are cropped bomber jackets with their half-the-size-of-your-credit-card pockets. But if those are the fashion trends we need to keep up to, then we need a solution that can help us keep on trend while saving us from having to constantly juggle—or hire an assistant to carry things around for us: “can you carry this around for me, sir?” (Did you know that even men’s suit jackets and blazers have enough hidden pockets to transport a wallet, keys, and at least 2 cell phones, with additional space for countless pens, business cards, and probably a pair of glasses? And without any weird bulges, no less). Well, don’t despair, ladies. There is a solution beyond stitching extraneous pockets onto all of your clothing items. You can carry on with your busy life—with all of the items you need—by carrying a simple clutch bag.

And it won’t interfere with your trendy look or even your business attire—as long as you get the right clutch bag.

What should you be looking for?

Think simple, yet high-quality. If you don’t want to be forced to store a series of purses to match your particular style or look that day, then go for something simple, like the little black clutch. With a high enough quality, and a chic enough design, that clutch will be a lifesaver for you, whether you need to take a lipstick or compact for some quick touch-ups following the dinner party, whether you simply need an external pocket to practically accessorize those skinny jeans for your afternoon outing, or whether you need a business casual purse to carry with you to work. For none of these occasions will the bulky, jumbo, carry-all purse do. You need something chic, elegant, small, stylish, and yet practical—and something you can coordinate with any outfit you are going to throw at it.

No matter what your attire, your clutch bag has you covered with all the things you’ll need throughout your day.

Your little black clutch bag will coordinate with your skinny jeans, your little red dress, or your black pencil skirt and blazer. Further, it’ll add to your stylish or professional look rather than taking away from it, so you won’t need to worry about marring your professional look by needing to carry around things like business cards and that cell phone that keeps you connected to the job while you are on the go. Further, its compact design will keep the things you need from burying themselves in the vast recesses of an oversized purse, many of which seem to come complete with their own black holes and parallel universes for your car keys to fall into.

If you are looking to complete your stylish look with all the practicality that pockets can no longer offer you, check out Bellorita’s charming selection of high-quality, stylish clutch bags.

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