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When Craftsmanship Meets Culture

In celebration of the rich cultural heritage of Asia, Bellorita announces the launch of a glorious new collection of exquisite, luxury handbags. Created by hand carving, printing, dyeing, folding and applying embroidery on the finest of supple leathers, a plethora of exquisite shapes and designs are available. Each design harkens back to auspicious ancient Asian beliefs. Whether you choose the hand carved peacock feathers, glorious dimensional clouds reminiscent of classical Chinese brush paintings, arabesques of entwined goldfish embellished with luminescent white pearls, elegant calligraphy evoking ancient bamboo scrolls, or the PX, inlaid with glowing metal studs and referencing great wealth, each handbag is unique and tells a fabulous story.

Bellorita prides itself on crafting the finest handbags available in the world today. Allow us to describe the incredible process involved with bringing each collection to life.


What could be more graceful than ribbons of interwoven goldfish embellished with radiant white pearls? To achieve this ethereal dance, master craftsman painstakingly hand carve lovely, flowing goldfish then daintily hand paint them. Natural pearls of the perfect diameter are chosen to fit exactly into the holes, insuring that the joining between pearls and the leather become one.

How is Fish Hand Crafted ?

Step 1. Tracing

Before the delicate task of leather carving can begin, a skilled graphic designer must trace the intricate and highly symbolic designs onto the leather. This is the foundation of the highly complex process, necessitating the incredible skills of our master craftsmen and artisans.

Step 2. Cutting

With dedication to the art as their guide, our expert craftsmen cut graceful, smooth lines into the leather, revealing our glorious patterns and highly figured designs. Each with over ten years of leather carving experience, our virtuosi of leather craft pursue their passion with a sharp blade and their devotion to excellence.

Step 3. Carving

Our intense carving process is what elevates the Bellorita luxury product to heights of grandeur. Over eight hours of precision carving is required for every piece, creating the delicate and dramatic relief detailing within the three-dimensional carved leather, thus producing true one-of-a kind works of art.

Step 4. Painting

Focusing on the beautiful, historic art of painting, our master craftsmen channel the ancient masters to create their magic using natural mineral dyes. Graceful, refined, sensitive images appear to emerge from the leather, formed by vibrant, faithful painting techniques of contouring and subtle shading.


Brilliant peacock feathers are reproduced using the age old art of hand carving leather. The artists impart their souls into this labor of love. The craftsmen manually incise the vegetable-tanned leather into individual peacock feathers. Delicately, each feather is brilliantly painted using natural dyes, so each feather is unique. After the glorious feathers are created, the artists incise and twist each feather, creating a rhythmic, three dimensional ribbed effect. The wavy peacock feathers give the impression of flowing in the breeze. This exclusive and timeless design is exceptionally distinctive. The legacy of the exquisite peacock is recreated into these outstanding fashion accessories. Carrying a piece from this collection is certain to honor your individuality.


The finest leather used for carving is called vegetable-tanned cowhide leather. This is exceptional leather made of the tannins extracted from natural plants. Because it is the extract from natural plants, it is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and has a supple, pliable hand. It is only this matchless leather that we use to carve our divine mythical beast, Pi Xiu upon. To craft this amazing three-dimensional appearance, a large variety of tools are necessary. In the hands of a virtuoso, a swivel knife, stamp set, modeling implements and rawhide mallets become the tools of an artist. The masters, who bring Pi Xiu to life, draw him out of the leather then skillfully paint him using only the finest vegetable dyes, utilizing a vast assortment of painting and blooming techniques. Golden hardware and gleaming brass studs are added to insure the Pi Xiu will safeguard your treasured valuables for a long time to come.


Auspicious clouds can only be formed into gracious, dimensional masterpieces by the most talented of craftsmen. Hand carved using a vast assortment of specialty tools and then hand painted in subtle variations of natural tones, using a watercolor technique called “blooming,” the majestic clouds seemingly float across the leather. It is especially significant that we note the joining of the iconic antique allegory of the stylized cloud, symbolizing eternal fortune, an image celebrated over 2000 years ago in ancient China.


To achieve the appearance of the ancient art of calligraphy, our master craftsmen first draw, with an ink brush, delicate Chinese pictographs, forming elegant lines of prose and poetry. This achieved, the artists then create a silkscreen stencil, with which to transfer the calligraphy onto the prepared leather. The vegetable dye ink in then drawn over the stencil, positioning the calligraphy onto the leather. Combined with the vertical embroidered stitches applied to the handbags, the lettering gives the impression of bamboo strips of calligraphy, celebrating the art of the past with a new technology of modern hand craftsmanship. Lovers of the literary arts will rejoice in this collection.

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