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Nicole Mölders, 56+, married, one cat, no kids, author, fashion, and science enthusiast. She shares how to turn fashion into style and to look your best in midlife.

I accessorized with this bag three times since I got it. Full disclosure, I wore it three days in a row! The first time, I wore it for a work lunch to discuss some research with a colleague (see outfit photos with pants and leather jacket). The next time, I wore the clutch for a work dinner with a colleague (see photos with LBD and trench coat). On Saturday night, I wore it with the chain for date night out with my hubby. Every time I donned this beauty I received tons of compliments!

I love this Bellorita purse. I can really recommend it to my best friends. If you are looking for a truly unique accessory, check out Bellorita’s collection. Their handmade full-grain designer leather bags are pieces of art that will both accessorize and complement any outfit. It’s art meets function.------Nicole Mölders

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It attracted me in four ways.

One: It’s beautiful, elegant, sophisticated.

Two: Fish are big in our lives. We have a pond in our backyard that has koi fish and goldfish (big ones!). They swim around and around. Russ and I sit at the pond’s edge in our wicker chairs and watch them. He took this picture of them. Doesn’t it look like a painting?

Three: I love Asian art. Our garden has Asian influences, and as we put our home together, we brought that feeling inside as well with antique Asian pieces. Fish are literally “home” to us.

Four: I love the symbols of fish.------Brenda Kinsel


Brenda Kinsel encourages women over 50 to catapult themselves out of their ruts and enjoy their beauty and style. Professional image consultant and best selling author of 40 Over 40.

Hilda Smith shares with others her journey into the next middle age, by using her own experiences and those of her close friends and family and so hopefully pass on some useful tips, advice or just random thoughts on the challenges facing the older woman.

The intoxicating smell of the leather was obvious immediately on opening. I love the smell of leather. But it was the quality of the craftmanship and unique design which caught my attention. One of our discerning male friends remarked on how well made it was while examining it on a night out last week. The handbag features both a lovely gold shoulder chain and interchangeable short wrist strap, making it extremely versatile and suitable for anything from a casual lunch to a special occasion.------Hilda Smith

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My first time taking this clutch out with me I walked into a local restaurant and bar, and set it down on the table. My girlfriend was already there talking with a gentleman who happens to be the Godfather of her children and he immediately said “Wow, that is a beautiful bag. Is it leather? Where did you get it?” Once I told him I was a fashion blogger, he said “Well, look at you. Your outfit goes perfectly with the handbag and your toes match the pearls on the bag and the white watch and everything.”  WOW, I was flattered and impressed that this handbag brought so much attention to the start of my evening. It truly is a standout work of art.------Karen Brooks

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Karen Brooks is excited to share with you her love for fashion, travel, and lifestyle. She hopes to inspire you to live your life passionately no matter your age or gender.

Debbie Stinedurf, the blogger and owner of Fashion Fairy Dust (FFD). Through FFD, she shares her love of fashion and styling tips for real life as well as her often humorous view on life as we know it.

The craftsmanship is incredible; from the inlaid pearls to the intricately detailed hand tooled leather, it’s truly a work of art and quite honestly the most beautiful bag that I own. It came with both a cross body chain strap as well as a wrist strap, but I felt that it worked best as a clutch for the wedding.

If we can go back to the crazy fabulous clutch for a moment, I can’t emphasize enough that if you happen to be on the market for an excellent quality bag that is also unique, check out Bellorita. Not only is the detailing beautiful, but this is the most solidly constructed bag that I’ve ever owned.------Deborah Stinedurf

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Koi Fish meaning in Japan is good fortune or luck they also are associated with perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose, the Koi fish symbolize good luck, abundance and perseverance. Symbolic in Buddhism is to represent courage.

When I read this, I felt that the koi fish’s meaning certainly applied to my life’s situation. I have felt lucky to have found a diagnosis for my illness, giving me the direction to which I needed to find pain control and management. I also felt that the perseverance and courage required to not give up, not retreat, meant something to me as well. There was many a day in the beginning of the illness, 10 years ago, where I wondered how I could possibly deal with the severe muscle pain I had. How could I live my life enjoying the things I did? Could I accept change?

I thought all of this quite fascinating when learning what the Asian symbol meant. I loved the hand painted design, elegant drawing and the pearls strategically placed for bubbles. I also love things with meaning, as well as uniqueness. I doubted that I would see this handbag/clutch on anyone in Charlotte or the Lake Norman area, and I also wanted to bring something unique and beautiful to my readers.------Jessica Jannenga 

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Jessica Jannenga is a fashion blogger who dresses in what she likes! She LOVES color, and the style of other eras as well.

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