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From a Research Scientist to a Handbag Designer

Jack Sun, the Designer of Bellorita

Follow My Dream

Once upon a time I was a research scientist at the University of Southern Mississippi. Today I’m the founder of a handbag fashion line that grows in popularity every day. The journey from there to here was an interesting one. My name is Jack Sun, and it’s my pleasure to introduce myself and Bellorita to you.

Find My Gap

When I first came to Los Angeles with the aim of launching a line of handbags, I had no design experience. What I did have was a passion for fashion, a great deal of research into the industry, and the identification of a key gap – Asian-influenced fashion was lacking from the Los Angeles fashion scene.

Bellorita Was Born

Los Angeles welcomed me and my designs, giving me a new home that I’m proud to call my own. That is why I named the company after the beautiful street I lived on when I arrived in city and started my new journey as a fashion designer. To me, Bellorita means good luck, happiness, and growth. I infuse each bag with these sentiments – some even have Asian symbols for luck and happiness hand-painted onto the leather because I want you to share in the happiness I’ve found too.

On The Journey

Today, I’m not in the lab at a university. I’m in the fashion scene in Los Angeles with a beautiful wife and two young boys. My dreams have come true, and I look forward to being a part of yours; because I know that carrying the right handbag instills you with a sense of pride and confidence. When you feel that way, you go out and conquer the world.

Bellorita was created for the vibrant women who enter a new lifestage, and focus on not only living their life to the fullest, but preparing for the best future possible. The Bellorita woman loves to dress well, but not to look overstated. She appreciates luxury, and knows there is a difference between price and value. She balances her life and wardrobe with precision, creating that effortless chic that is so enviable. She is open, yet mysterious. She is on trend, yet classic. She is ambitious, but laid back enough to enjoy the journey of her life. The aspects of the Bellorita woman are expertly captured the heritage leather, the hand-tooling, and hand painted details of each bag. To carry a Bellorita bag is to show to the world that you are confident, passionate, beautiful and joyful, and that you understand timeless fashionable pieces that elevate your entire wardrobe to the next level.

Bellorita handbags are a piece of art that is truly rare and unique. Created by hand carving and hand painting on the highest quality full-grain leather and top-grain leather, a plethora of exquisite shapes and designs are available. Each design harkens back to auspicious ancient Asian beliefs. Each piece is designed to last for the rest of your life with beautiful patina over time. Yet each bag is priced in the affordable luxury market, making them easily accessible for discerning women that desire an ethically and expertly made designer bag.

It is important to the designer, Jack Sun, that every aspect of each bag, from the materials to the labor to the embellishments, speaks to the ethical and joyful nature of the brand. Materials are sourced in sustainable ways, and the labor on each one is fairly compensated. Work is performed in clean, safe, employee-friendly conditions.

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