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How to Store Purses and Handbags?

December 30, 2023

How to Store Purses and Handbags?

Handbag – a faithful companion, a sanctuary of secrets, and alas, a bottomless pit of odds and ends. Adored yet prone to disarray, these beloved accessories often harbour a mishmash of treasures, from abandoned lipsticks to crumpled receipts and expired vouchers. But how to store purses and handbags? This blog post will discuss ingenious strategies for your closet, unveil under-bed marvels, and present captivating display concepts, all aimed at infusing your handbags with a newfound sense of delight!

Handbag Persona Assessment: Which Bag Personality Matches Yours?

Answer these swift questions to uncover your genuine handbag personality and unlock tailor-made storage solutions just for you:

Question 1: Your typical weekday mornings involve...

  • You're a frequent mover, darting effortlessly from boardrooms to casual gatherings.
  • You value functionality over flashiness, carefully packing your essentials with precision.
  • You embrace spontaneity, ready for unexpected ventures (and perhaps a new handbag).

Question 2: Your weekend attire tends to lean towards...

  • You command attention, and your handbags follow suit.
  • Practicality is key, and your handbags need to keep up with your pace.
  • You're a free spirit, and your handbags mirror your eclectic style.

Question 3: Regarding handbag organization, you are...

  • Each item has its designated spot, and disorder is simply not an option.
  • You rely on intuition (and maybe a lucky charm) to find what you need.
  • You value order but appreciate a touch of spontaneity lurking within your bag's depths.

Now, tally your responses and uncover the dominant handbag personality!

Conquering the Closet

How to store purses and handbags? The closet – a gateway to style, yet susceptible to becoming a jumbled sea of handbags and neglected clutches. 

Shelf Sophistication

  • Customizable Shelves with Dividers: Arrange your everyday essentials, weekend darlings, and special occasion treasures on separate tiers for effortless access to the perfect bag for any occasion.
  • Shelf Expanders: Shelf expanders are your secret tool for optimizing storage potential. Arrange smaller clutches and wallets on these expanders, ensuring easy access while freeing up vital shelf space for larger bags.
  • Elegant Storage Boxes & Artisanal Baskets: For a more relaxed ambiance, opt for artisanal baskets, ideal for stowing seasonal bags or accessories. Select containers that harmonize with your closet decor, creating a unified and refined aesthetic.

Hanging Heroines

  • Durable Hooks & Over-the-Door Organizers:Sturdy hooks or over-the-door organizers present a perfect spot for grab-and-go essentials. Bid farewell to rummage through shelves – your favourite totes will await your next adventure with ease.
  • Transparent Hanging Pouches: Keep bags dust-free and visible with clear hanging pouches. These transparent gems offer both practicality and visual appeal, exhibiting your collection while safeguarding it from closet dust.
  • DIY Hanging Pockets: Sew simple pouches, attach them to a hanging bar, and voilà! A unique and eye-catching method to store smaller clutches and accessories.

Inventive Nooks

  • Revamped Vintage Suitcases & Trunks: Rejuvenate old suitcases and trunks into statement storage pieces. Paint them vibrantly, line them with soft fabric, and convert them into luxurious sanctuaries for your most cherished bags. 
  • Rustic Ladder Displays:Repurpose an old ladder into a rustic hanging rack. Lean it against a wall, string twine or rope across the rungs, and presto! 
  • Budget-Savvy Cubicles:Transform shoeboxes into chic cubicles with decorative paper. Repurpose them as charming compartments for clutches, wallets, and smaller accessories. This cost-effective solution is easily customizable, infusing a dash of character into your closet.

Embracing Totes and Cherishing Clutches: Navigating Storage Realms

Having triumphed over “how to store purses and handbags”, our quest for purse perfection ventures into uncharted territories: the domain of expansive totes and the realm of petite yet potent clutches. 

Taming the Tote

  • Foldable Fabric Bins:Harness the magic of foldable fabric bins to contain chaos. These stylish saviours keep larger totes organized and dust-free, transforming them from cluttered giants into orderly sanctuaries. 
  • Under-Bed Storage:Utilize under-bed storage containers for seasonal or less frequently used totes. Out of sight but accessible when needed, these containers ensure peaceful slumber for your totes until their next outing.
  • Vacuum Storage Bags:Vacuum storage bags shrink bulky totes, liberating precious closet space. Ideal for seasonal or occasional use, they optimize space without compromising style.

Clutch Companionship

  • Drawer Dividers:Dividers create compartments perfectly sized for your beloved clutches, maintaining organization and protecting them from damage.
  • Decorative Trays: Showcase clutches on elegant dresser trays for easy access and a touch of sophistication. Choose trays that complement your decor, transforming your dresser into a personal clutch exhibit.
  • Stackable Acrylic Organizers: Preserve clutches in upright positions with clear acrylic organizers. These see-through wonders safeguard clutch shapes while allowing admiration of their beauty even when not in use. 

Expert Handbag Care: Sustaining Pristine Perfection

Having reigned over totes, cherished clutches, and triumphed in the closet, our odyssey toward handbag heaven culminates in mastering the art of professional handbag care. 

Dust Defenders

  • Seasonal Slumber in Dust Bags:When stowing away your beloved summer tote for the cosy embrace of autumn, shield it from dust with specialized dust bags. 
  • Tissue Paper Cushioning:Fill bags with acid-free tissue paper to retain their shape, preventing creases during storage and providing an added layer of dust protection.
  • Leather Care: Regularly wipe them with suitable conditioners to maintain suppleness and deter cracks. Employ conditioners tailored for leather to avoid adverse reactions. 

Preserving Structure

  • Purse Pillows & Rolled Scarves:Prevent bags from losing their shape by using purse pillows or rolled scarves to maintain structure. 
  • Utilize Hanging Storage:Use sturdy hooks or closet organizers to suspend them by their straps, preventing creasing and preserving their ideal silhouette.
  • Pre-storage Cleaning: Clear out wallets, keys, and any objects that might cause permanent marks. Wipe down interiors with a damp cloth (particularly for fabric or canvas bags) to eliminate crumbs or spills. 

Remember, the cornerstone of handbag paradise lies in personalization. Embrace your inner handbag connoisseur and opt for storage solutions that mirror your style and daily life. 

Share your storage insights, explore Bellorita's unique handle bags for women, and together, let's transform every closet into an amalgamation of fashion and functionality!

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