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The Thirteen Things Ladies Do to Maintain Their Hand Painted Leather Bags

January 11, 2018

The Thirteen Things Ladies Do to Maintain Their Hand Painted Leather Bags - Bellorita

Hand painted leather bags are much more than purses; they are truly works of art. Due to their unique nature, there are many people who put a lot of time and care into the preservation of their bags. Bellorita handpainted handbags are among those precious bags that deserve a bit of extra attention to ensure that they last. Here are thirteen of the craziest things that people have tried to maintain the condition of their hand painted leather purses. Make sure you do your own thorough research before attempting any of the techniques below on your own bags!

1.  Fully Protected and Put Away

Many people with Bellorita handbags or any other hand painted leather bags choose to store them in fabric dust bags to keep them safe from potential damage when not in use. By also keeping their purses in closets, drawers, or other safe spaces, it is easier to ensure that these bags stay in good shape for a long time.

2.  Stuff When Not in Use

You know the tissue paper that often comes inside new purses upon first purchase? Many people use this tissue to keep their hand painted leather bags stuffed when it is not in use. By doing so, the Bellorita handbag is more likely to keep its shape.

3.  Dust Your Leather Bags

For those who choose not to keep their Bellorita handbags or other hand painted leather bags in a protective bag, dusting may be necessary. It might seem silly, but a lot of dust can actually accumulate on leather purses if they are not used for some time. Keeping them clean and in good condition might require occasional dusting!

4.  No Deep Cleaning

Many people who own leather products will tell you that deep cleaning and conditioning will keep leather moist and reduce the chances of cracking. However, when dealing with the care of hand painted leather bags, less is more. Many alcohol products used for deep cleaning can damage the paint, and conditioner will not be able to properly penetrate the leather through the paint. To avoid damage to your Bellorita handbag or a sticky mess when the paint begins to separate from the leather, stick to light cleaning.

5.  Do Not Venture into the Sun

Sunlight and UV radiation can have adverse effects on leather, often drying it out and causing cracks. To avoid aging their hand painted leather bags faster, there are some people who will avoid direct sunlight or choose a different Bellorita handbag when venturing out in the summer months.

6.  Protection from the Rain

In addition to sun, there are other environmental factors that can affect your Bellorita handbags. Rain and humidity can seep into leather, removing conditioners and other treatments that keep the leather looking good. For some, protection sprays work wonders to remove this threat. Others may opt for a different purse when going out in a storm, or they may hide their hand painted leather bags beneath a large, waterproof raincoat!

7.  Keep Out of Reach of Children

Whether you have children of your own or not, there are some individuals who would rather keep their hand painted leather bags safe inside their closet than risk carrying it around a toddler. With risk factors like dirty fingers and messy craft projects, it might actually be the best decision to keep your Bellorita handbags away from an unpredictable child.

8.  Spot Clean Treatments

Worst-case scenario: somehow, you’ve gotten a stain on one of your hand painted leather bags. Some people swear by baby wipes or eye makeup remover to help lift the stain from the leather. Be extremely cautious with this technique if the stain happens to be on the painted area of one of your own Bellorita handbags!

9.  Limit What Goes in Your Purse

Over time, leather will begin to soften, and bags can start sagging. To avoid this happening to your hand painted leather bags, there are many who suggest keeping your purse contents to a minimum. This will keep heavy items from weighing down your Bellorita handbag.

10.  Multi-Purpose Protection

If you are one of the people who keep their Bellorita handbags in cloth dust bags when not in use, there may be another use for that bag. Some people swear that when you turn a dust bag inside out, it makes for a good cleaning cloth. The soft interior of these bags can help buff out any surface-level scratches on your hand painted leather bags.

11.  Removing Pen from Leather

This trick is definitely a “try at your own risk”, as its effectiveness is questionable. If you’re in a situation where you’ve gotten pen on one of your hand painted leather bags, spraying a bit of hairspray on a cotton swab and then rubbing it over the pen mark may help to remove it from your Bellorita handbag. Other people have warned that hairspray will stain leather.

12.  Keep Hairdryers for Your Hair

If you’ve made the mistake of getting one of your hand painted leather bags wet, the protectants on the bag should keep the paint intact. Carefully wiping your bag down with a cloth and then letting it air dry is the best thing you can do. Avoid using hairdryers on your Bellorita handbags if they do get wet, as this could potentially damage the paint or dry out the leather.

13.  Avoid Using, At All Costs

It goes without saying that the best way to keep your hand painted leather bags in perfect condition is to never use them 😊. Unfortunately, by doing so, you’re also denying yourself the ability to actually enjoy your bag. If you choose to purchase a beautiful Bellorita handbag, be sure to take it out on the town… at least for special occasions!

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