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Evening Clutch Bags Make Every Evening Special

December 15, 2017

Evening Clutch Bags Make Every Evening Special - Bellorita

It's often the simplest accessory that can really make a big fashion statement. If you are looking to inject a little extra life into your wardrobe, now is the time to consider adding some evening clutches into your regular rotation. Glamorous, sophisticated, and timeless, evening clutches like that little black clutch are an absolute staple. Are you worried they're not versatile enough to be worth the investment? Here are a few tips to make evening clutches work for you.

No Need to Wait for a Big Event

Many women believe that evening clutches should be saved for only the most special occasions, such as formal cocktail or dinner parties, weddings, or black-tie affairs where the black clutch is as essential as the little black dress that goes with it. However, that doesn't have to be the case. Evening clutches are appropriate for any evening event, whether it's an after-work drink with colleagues, a casual dinner with friends, or date night at a less formal establishment. Evening clutches are a great way to make any evening feel special, and they can add a chic touch to just about any outfit.

If you want to make evening clutches a part of your every-evening wardrobe, consider styles that are flexible and adaptable to most of your wardrobe. A black clutch is always a great staple. It's also a good idea to have one in a less formal material, like matte black weather, and another that's just a bit dressier, perhaps in a patent leather or with some beading. This way, you are covered for any occasion.

Dress Up a Casual Look

The great thing about evening clutches is that they're an easy way to dress up an otherwise casual outfit. Jeans and a blazer go from daytime apparel to a sophisticated evening look when you add a chic black clutch. This is especially helpful during the holiday season, when you may find yourself going directly from the office to evening holiday parties that are more formal in nature. Simply transfer your must-have items into your black clutch, and you are dressed and ready for a night on the town!

Beautiful and Practical

Some women mistakenly think that evening clutches, although beautiful, aren’t always practical. That simply isn't true! Though a small clutch may not have the size or pockets to carry everything you need, there are plenty of options that function as beautifully as they look. If you're worried about practicality, look for slightly larger—although still streamlined—evening clutches that can easily hold a phone, keys, and lipstick (or whatever basics you like to have with you at all times). Many have a small interior pocket, allowing you to separate your credit card, keys, or other items you want to access without digging around. You can also look for a black clutch with a wrist strap or a longer, detachable, delicate strap that allows you to carry it while keeping your hands free.

Of course, another element of practicality is color. If you're worried about your evening clutch not being versatile enough, go for a back clutch that goes with anything for any occasion.

If you're ready to add a little glamor to your wardrobe, check out our selection of evening clutches and black clutches at Bellorita today.

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