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Woman Love Hand Tooled Leather Purses

December 16, 2017

Woman Love Hand Tooled Leather Purses - Bellorita

When you look at your current purse, what do you see? What does it say about you? A woman's purse plays a large role in revealing her personality and identity.  The style and design of a purse speaks volumes about the owner carrying it.  This occurs in addition to the useful daily functionality of a well-made design.  A lot of research and shopping goes into finding a purse that matches your individual style. Hand tooled leather purses are one way to display your unique style and personality.

Hand tooled leather purses are a unique all to themselves

Hand tooled leather purses are created and designed to portray the strength and quality of the Chinese culture. While there are many Chinese images available on today's market, the creator of Bellorita noticed that the representations were not accurate, and they definitely were not flattering.  His purses are designed to portray the unique beauty and strength of both the Chinese culture and the woman carrying the purse. 

Bellorita hand tooled purses are one-of-a-kind

Many designer manufactures produce beautiful and stylish purses and bags, but these bags are still mass-produced.  Depending on the popularity, you will often find that you are not the only person in a room who owns that same handbag or purse.  A Bellorita purse is hand made to order.  These purses are hand designed, hand carved, and hand stamped, ensuring that the quality of each purse is completed with only you in mind.  Each of these hand tooled leather purses is designed to last. Your purse’s quality is designed for its exact intention: to be a specialty designed purse that could withstand the elements and abuse that an owner will put it though.

Woman love hand tooled leather purses because of their quality and style

They are a piece of art that is truly rare and unique.  A beautiful purse is a conversation piece in a public setting.  It is a fashion statement in a crowded room. It is an accessory to a woman's daily outfit. The leather itself is neutral all on its own. It will match a casual pair of jeans as well as a black formal dress. It matches any style or color it is paired with, but it still holds its own ground in design.  Hand tooled leather purses are designed to blend in while still making a bold statement.

If you are looking for something that is unique, something that you won't see every day, but still something that speaks about your own sense of style, look no further than Bellorita.  These beautiful hand tooled leather purses are individually created with full attention to the tiniest detail.  They are created because of the love of this trade and the pride of this culture.  The black fish clutch displays the grace, confidence, diligence, and caring of the Chinese culture, as well as of the woman carrying this purse.  Before making your next purchase. Take a close look at your purse and ask yourself, “What does your purse say about you?” After all, it is the one item that is carried with you everywhere and displayed to everybody you come in contact with.

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